Monday, December 15, 2008

And now, something completely different.....

While browsing Craigslist last week, checking for kayaks, I see a post from some lady who needs her boat towed from Captain Quarters Park to the Willoughby boat ramp. The distance is about a mile, I've paddled it plenty of times. The boat is a 15 foot aluminum boat with a 25 horse outboard-and the outboard won't start. The ad states that the owner is willing to pay to have it done, or will let someone keep another boat at her pier for a short period of time. So I think, "this sounds like a good workout."
I respond to the ad, she immediately responds back and we're on. My buddy Chris decided to tag along, so we took my tandem (Wilderness Systems Skookumchuk), and while we were enroute, my buddy Karen (Necky Arluk III) called and said she was in also. We met Lea (the boat owner) at her pier, put in, tied off the boat and off we went. Chris and I did the real work, but without Karen's help there wouldn't be a single picture, so she gets credit for that.

Fortunately there wasn't much wind and we had a nice, ebbing tide to help us out. It was beautiful out, probably around 50F when we started and closer to 60F by the end. We averaged right about 3mph w/the boat behind us, which is about half our normal speed. We dropped the boat off to Lea, who was waiting with her trailer at the ramp. She was delighted, and offered to buy us breakfast-steak and eggs (and bloody marys) at the local watering hole. Karen was too tight on time, so Chris and I chowded down after finishing up around an hour-long paddle.

The funny thing to me about this was that every
time I told someone what I was going to do, the first question was "what are you charging?" My answer? "It's Christmas!" Turns out I did get a nice breakfast and an offer to launch off Lea's dock in the future, which is pretty sweet, but not why I went. Looks like karma is alive and well.

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