Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh yea, I've got a blog

It's warming up and time to get back to blogging about paddling! In the past 5 days I've gotten in 4 paddles! Two in my surfski-one on Lake Smith, one in the Chesapeake Bay, and two in my tandem sea kayak with Tammy Harper, once at Newmarket Creek, once on the intracoastal at Lock's Park.

Racing season is kicking off for me next Sunday, March 29 at New Quarter Park as part of the annual Multi-Club picnic. Lots of different paddling groups will be there along with various other outdoors oriented groups. It'll be a great time. The following Sunday will be the annual Bennett's Creek Bash, sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Paddler's Association (MAPA). Always a good race, followed by a cookout and club meeting.

Instruction is revving up as well. I'm teaching a Safety and Rescue Class in the pool at Virginia Wesleyan on Saturday, March 28. There are still spots available.

Be safe out there!

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