Saturday, January 9, 2010

So my wife got me a kayak for Christmas.

A friend of mine received a new kayak for Christmas. Well, almost new, as his wife did the right thing and found it on Craigslist and saved some bucks. Other than it's a tandem boat, she doesn't really know what she got, and neither does he! However, he got lucky. Turns out it's exactly what he needs for the type of paddling he plans to do. It's a Swifty 2, which is a recreational sit-in boat that's extremely stable and easy to paddle w/either of his kids. It's also something he can paddle alone. He plans to poke around the Lynnhaven River and take pictures.

Of course, I wonder what would have happened if she'd brought home a surfski or a high performance sea kayak?

Try before you buy, is the best advice I can give before bringing one home.

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Karen said...

Nice to see you back in the cockpit! Funny - at first I thought this was gonna be about a boat I sold a lady for her husband for Christmas! Yikes!