Thursday, September 16, 2010

Still Alive

I WILL post to my blog more often.

OK, so I now have a high schooler living in my house who gets up at 5 am, so I get up at 5am. As tempting as it is to drink coffee and surf the web, I'm proud to say that most mornings since school started (Sept. 7) I have dressed out and worked out. A few runs, some lifts and a few paddles. For all my early paddles the past two weeks I've used my Stilletto.

My Stilletto is an old ICF K-1 (Olympic sprint kayak) that I rarely paddle and almost never race. I think once last year I raced in her, and didn't take her out for a single training run. She's the tippiest boat I own, well used, and proudly bears multiple scars from underwater obstructions, being dropped on boat ramps, and once falling off my car at about 20 mph (damn cheap straps!). Last week's 2 paddles were easy, re-learning her feel and balance, getting used to how she's respond to a lean, intentional or not, and convincing the two of us to relax. This week it's almost back to old times-hammer out some intervals, trying to get from either point A to point A or point A to point B faster than we did the last time. Sometimes we do.

And as we cruise along, and the sun slowly breaks the horizon, and the egrets and herons croak their disapproval, and the mullet jump, and the fox, deer, and eagles watch us silently, we get the feeling that everything is exactly as it should be.

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Emma Jayne said...

Glad to see you are back posting, Chuck. Give us more!